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Working in LUNO—Malaysia's Largest Crypto Exchange | Lessons In Crypto

Working in LUNO—Malaysia's Largest Crypto Exchange | Lessons In Crypto

Working in LUNO—Malaysia's Largest Crypto Exchange | Lessons In Crypto

We speak to Ross Stephenson, Community & Education Lead of Luno Malaysia, on his personal lessons from crypto, and tips to thrive in a crypto job.

0:00 Intro
2:10 Ross’ mistakes and losses in crypto
8:30 Why get into trading bots?
10:35 Mindset to get over loss of capital
13:55 Current financial strategies
17:50 Thoughts on savings in stablecoins
20:45 Heuristics to help with crypto investment
24:05 How Ross got into LUNO?
26:10 Women in crypto
30:30 The line between “education” vs “financial advice”
31:50 Challenges in working with regulators
40:05 Potential future functions of LUNO
44:00 How it’s like working in LUNO
48:20 Ross’ “make it” number
49:40 What Ross’ is most excited about in crypto
52:08 Touching story of a mak cik in crypto


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  1. Keep your cryptos in a cold wallet if possible.
    XUMM app is also a good alternative.
    You never know when those 'shady' exchanges are gonna steal people's cryptos.

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