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Why do people mine vs just buy the coin?

Why do people mine vs just buy the coin?

Why do people mine vs just buy the coin?

Quick one on why folks would choose mining over buying a coin. Always do your own research for your particular situation! Mining at home and for yourself can sometimes be challenging both technically and from a time management. This is a commitment! If you don’t have the time to focus on it it can be stressful, yet a rewarding experience in learning a new trade too!

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What to Mine?

Where to mine, pool status

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  1. it sounds like what you are trying to say is the block reward increases for the miner but the buyer doesnt benefit from higher yields. help me understand this. at the moment i feel thats just not true.

  2. im just a broke boi looking for a way to make a buck hahaha
    also investing require capital
    which alot of us don't have

  3. I do both . actually all sides of the crypto world . Buy , mine, long/short the market. But i only buy in bear markets or go mad hard just before a havning event. lol but mining is my way to go because i'am accumulating every min of everyday without reaching in my pocket. – stay safe my friends. Do not forget to have a Plan…. plan plan plan.

  4. i am mining because i am budget.. and I can get return by selling off my gear.. if it all goes to pot.. and i dont care about price of the coin, i am just stacking

  5. @BBT, can you still be giving the same answer for GPU rigs 6 months from now when the Merge happens?

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