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Where Does Our Trading Edge Really Come From

Where Does Our Trading Edge Really Come From

Where Does Our Trading Edge Really Come From

This video builds on the recent Forbes article that explains how we achieve unusually high levels of focus during trading:
It is this heightened focus that provides us with superior access to the skills and experience we bring to trading.
Whatever makes you successful as a trader is a set of skills and abilities that you’ve already honed in prior life successes.

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  1. I think ur right, in general my personality and my life before trading. I’m really good at learning everything, like playing guitar, electric acoustic ukulele, violin, piano… doing backflip never surrender in the process, learning learning, doing tricks with lighter, webdesign study, PowerPoint design portfolio… html, Sony Vegas editing marketing editing, psychology with life cold reading I’ve learned many many things from internet. I’ve never been a nice student at school, I’m easily distracted but generally im really good at learning things, even if useless . Im good in poetry e i want to learn how to paint oil and clouds in future. I’ve learned trading 6months ago, I’ve started to see results and profits+break even 3 month ago, now still learning still in process profits+ break even I didn’t reach my edge for now.
    And when it comes my personality I’m a wise person, because of my past made me pass thru the psychology of losing streak or not being trusted of what I’m doing now.

    So guys learn learn learn learn you complete your person.

    Still waiting for the process. Be the best of you.

  2. Someone who is a great short term trader…is someone who typically only lasts 30 seconds in bed! Lol

  3. Makes sense. Dr. Steenbarger could you mention other types of ways to find out what we were good at and how it will be related to trading. That was very informative. I knew about the video games because it felt the same as when I used to play them, but markets are not quite the same. It’s more like cold calling. You’re working and watching until you’re able to connect with someone and then made the appropriate choices scripted instead of ad living. You’re following what your plan edge is. I think it’s very interesting and makes perfect sense. Maybe we could hear more about how to hold longer to our trades. As a visual learner, I get triggered by the visuals I see, so I modify certain parts of my chart to stay more at ease to stay longer in trades. Is there any techniques that you’ve seen people do to hold on longer to trades? Thanks

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