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When and How to Trade a Halted Stock

When and How to Trade a Halted Stock

When and How to Trade a Halted Stock

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Halted stocks could spell disaster for some traders and victory for others … It depends on the position and what’s happening with the company. So how can you tell which side of the coin you’re on when a stock gets halted? You have to tune in so I can educate you on stocks that are halted and why!


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One of the common problems that I see with traders is when they encounter halted stocks…

Many traders don’t know how to handle it or frankly aren’t even sure whether it’s a good or bad thing.

Stocks can be halted for a few seconds, minutes, days, and sometimes even a few weeks…

They can get halted on the way up or on the way down.

I know it’s a really scary and risky situation to be in — not knowing if you’ll be able to exit or when.

And you should know there are different types of halts…

You have to know the difference between a stock being halted for sketchy reasons or for just plain volatility.

The long or short position you’re in at the time of the halt could either mean a positive or negative outcome — depending on the stock itself.

So what should you do?

I’ll tell you all about it in this video.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge in halted stocks put a halt to your trading improvement — watch this now and prepare yourself for the possibilities.

Leave a comment below if you’ve ever been involved in a stock halt on the way up or on the way down … Share your story in the comments for other people to learn!

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  1. Leave a comment below if you’ve ever been involved in a stock halt on the way up or on the way down … Share your story in the comments for other people to learn!

  2. THNX TIM for all the information you put out I try to learn all I can from all of your videos keep up the great lessons and I'll see you one day in your Challenge.

  3. Thank you Tim!!! Yes been in a Halted stock and made it out with a profit but don't care for them!!!!

  4. I almost bought something (forgot what it was) after a halt, but I did not, and I'm happy that I did not because it dropped

  5. Really like your videos and knowledge you share.. If possible make a intro educational program so that people like me who are 9-5 working but have evening and weekends to do the DD and be able to trade to make progressive gains to be in a position to be fulltime trader(dream of mine). Nonetheless.. Keep applying the law of value Tim. Thanks

  6. I loved this video, Very well explained and I have had many thoughts and questions about what a halted stock is and should you avoid it. Thanks for the explanation and answers

  7. Have seen a halt in a stock . Paul hear from Delaware still studying to be a millionaire student

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