Crypto Trading Crypto Alerts Examples 5/25/2020 Crypto Alerts Examples 5/25/2020 Crypto Alerts Examples 5/25/2020

TradrPro Crypto Alerts System

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Video for Crypto Trading Volume 2020
Crypto Trading Volume 2020 youtube video content


  1. And you guys make everything easy. You even added a link in the alert email to enable Telegram alerts! 🀘

  2. I have taken your courses in the past but stopped because it gave me headaches trying to learn all that. 😁

    Anyway, I just signed up for the trial and definitely checking it out. I have a couple of questions:
    1.When using the presets, is it best practice to leave all the indicators enabled for all timeframes?
    2. Is there any way whatsoever this can be automated with Tradingview alerts? For months now I've been using an awesome bot that uses TV to quickly place my trades, set SL, etc… on the exchanges.
    Edit: I just setup the uptrend and downtrend about 15 mins ago-just got my first alert. Going to setup Telegram asap. πŸ‘

  3. Hi Dan, thanks for all your work, have learnt alot from you overtime. Curious, regards fees, do you primarily market or limit in crypto?

  4. Hi Dan, you obviously love your oversold bounce plays, wondering if you tend to short on over-brought conditions also? Or just tend to exit the trade instead…

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