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Trading 212 – Terms & Conditions CHANGED | Your Money is NOT SAFE?

Trading 212 – Terms & Conditions CHANGED | Your Money is NOT SAFE?

Trading 212 – Terms & Conditions CHANGED | Your Money is NOT SAFE?

Trading 212 have updated their Terms and Conditions on August 7th 2021. Youtubers Sasha Yanshin, Paul Briscoe and Pete from Conversation of Money have all offered their thoughts. Now I’m offering mine.

Is this the end of Trading 212, time to move to Freetrade or maybe Vanguard? I’ll take a look at some of their T&C’s too so we can see how they compare.

Links to videos referenced in the video here;

Sasha Yanshin’s

Paul Briscoe’s

Pete from Conversation Of Money’s

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  1. Fantastic video, an extremely well balanced approach to this ongoing conversation. Love the humour that you manage to include in your videos too, even if that does involve images of Bojo in spandex… 😂 👀

  2. "We'll do all we can […]" is doing a lot of hypothetical work there. Easy to say; harder to define.

  3. ♥️♥️♥️ Well done mate. Very weird to be used as a reference!

    A great, measured approach.

  4. Unbiased video! Thank you for the balanced view. Sasha and Pete deleted comments that simply provide accurate information, not just those that abuse/threaten them. (actually, I don't believe anyone has threatened or abused Sasha, you can read all the communication in the community of T212, you can't just call label criticism you receive as threats or abuse).

  5. Well done, great video. The level headed, well reasoned response this situation deserved.

  6. Yes Tom, the only YouTuber I would consider watching in this subject. Proper, honest, non scaremongering content. Thanks man.

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