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The "PRICE ACTION SECRET" That No One Will Tell You. | Price Action Trading Strategy Sectets

The "PRICE ACTION SECRET" That No One Will Tell You. | Price Action Trading Strategy Sectets

The "PRICE ACTION SECRET" That No One Will Tell You. | Price Action Trading Strategy Sectets

In this video, I will be sharing my price action trading secret that no one will tell you. I have been trading price action from a lot of time. Price action trading is one of the most difficult trading because there are a lot of aspects about it.

In this video, I will be sharing a very simple yet powerful secret on price action trading that will change the way you view the markets. To be honest its not just a simple trick or something, but, it is an entirely different approach towards price action trading.

If you watch this video carefully and understand the concepts, you will be able to spot out market reversals like this, long before they occur.

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With that being said, let’s get into today’s video.

When we talk about price action trading, we are essentially talking about a trading approach that uses raw price data to analyse the historic price behaviour. Price action traders analyse the historic price data to predict the future price behaviour.

A major component of price action trading is support and resistance levels. Price action traders heavily rely on support and resistance levels to identify trading opportunities.

A support level is a price level where buyers come in and push the prices upwards. Similarly, a resistance level is price level where sellers come in and push the prices downwards.

Support and resistance are really powerful when it comes to identifying market reversal points. But, every support and resistance level might not be equally powerful. While the market may respect major support or resistance levels, it may not respect the minor ones.

And in some extreme market conditions, the market may not respect any support or resistance level.

A lot of traders find it very difficult to trade using support and resistance levels.

Thorough my experience and research, I have discovered a secret.

This secret helps me identify powerful areas on the price chart that have the capability to reverse the markets.

I like to call these areas as value zones.

To be honest, the concept of these value zones is derived from the market profile indicator itself, but my interpretation is very different from that of the indicator.

With that being said, let’s understand these value zones.

To understand the value zones, we must first understand the reason behind any price move.

I know this part of the video might seem very basic, but stick around, it will change the way you perceive the market movements.

So my question to you is, What is the objective of any market ?

The objective of any market is to facilitate trade. The goal of the markets is to find a price where buyers and sellers agree to exchange the asset.

Let’s understand how the markets move with an example.

On this chart, when the market was trading around this price, the buyers were willing to buy, but the sellers were not willing to sell. Therefore, the buyers take the prices higher in order to entice the sellers to sell.

Therefore, we see an uptrend.

Remember, in an uptrend, the buyers are willing to buy, but the sellers are not willing to sell. Therefore, the prices go up.

Then, once the buyers and sellers find a price that is attractive to both of them, they start to exchange. The exchange between the buyers and sellers is visible as the price goes sideways for a couple of candles.

When the market is in a sideways range like this, it signifies that the buyers and sellers have found value at this price. They both see the current price as a fair price of the asset.

Therefore, the buyers are buying when the price reaches this lower boundary and the sellers are selling when the price reaches the upper boundary of the range.

This area is what I call as the value zone. We will learn how to use them very shortly, but for now, let’s continue through the chart.

Soon enough, we see that after a certain point, the buyers no longer see the current price as fair value. Therefore, they do not buy when the price reaches the lower boundary.

As a result the sellers push the price downwards to attract new buyers.

Remember, in a downtrend, the sellers are willing to sell, but the buyers are not willing to buy. Therefore, the prices go down.

Now that we have understood the price action. Let’s bring our focus on the concept of value zones.

Value zones are nothing but a price area where buyers and sellers exchange a big quantity of the asset.

I have noticed that once the price breaks out of the value zones, they act as a major level of support and resistance.

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