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The Day Crypto Changed My Life…

The Day Crypto Changed My Life…

The Day Crypto Changed My Life…

This Is The Day Crypto Make Me Rich***** Cardano and Shiba Inu Will Make Millionaires

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In this video Alexander Lorenzo shares current information regarding the crypto market. With the massive scare around the war in Europe, Alex talks about what this means for crypto and how to survive in this time. If you are looking fro a crypto video about the crypto market this will give you good crypto news.

This is not financial advice, I am simply talking about my experience with cryptocurrency. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency please do your own research and invest at your own risk. The advice, guidance, and principles outlined in all content produced by Alexander Lorenzo, and other encompassed entities are not guaranteed to be appropriate for your unique situation or business. We recommend that as a consumer, you exercise your due diligence and research any and all strategies recommended to you before adopting them in your own business. Alexander Lorenzo, and other encompassed entities are not responsible for any damages that result from an effort to implement the information provided in this or any other video, article, social media post, and related publications.

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  1. You are so right about keeping 5 coins or so. You know these coins in and out. You Will learn their behaviour, support-resistancelines, tradingchannels, it's relation to Bitcoin. Things that are going on in their ecosystems etc. Only then you can make sound decissions. And It doesn't take up to much of your daily time. Try and sell 30 coins at the same time on diffrent exchanges. You cant. Diversifying is good but not upto a point were you can no longer keep an eye on It. And what do you think of the fork coming up for cardano in june. Will we see a rise in price even if the market breaks down even more? Frontrunning the news. No one adressed this yet.

  2. This is facts! I did too much when I joined crypto! Lost so much money! Then realized if i was gonna walk away from this or continue but better myself. So I kept going. Majority of the time now I invest heavy and just hold. Just put it in a coin you done research on and believe in it. Invest in it and just walk away. I invest every week regardless the drops. Dollar cost averaging is real. HODLing my friends is true! Just breathe and accumulate. Panic buy, don’t panic sell.
    Thanks for your story Alex! 🙌🙌
    Best of luck my friends!

  3. Pausing at 7:41 to say this is a great video and I subbed just now. Buy and hold everyone. Don't over trade. Had I simply held the first crypto i ever had back in my robinhood days i would've turned 1k into 1.5 million dollars. I kept swing trading Doge and made about a thousand a week for a few months….then Doge went to the moon and i got left without a bag. Since then i only buy crypto i want to hold for years. I stake em. I lend em. I do whatever to earn more. On top of that i dca 5 bucks a day into each of my favorite coins with a bots. Discipline is the hardest thing but if you can master fighting the urge to swing trade for small profit and all you hold is great cryptos while constantly buying a little more each day….we will succeed. Thank you again for a great video and sorry for rambling. I just never watched a crypto vid where someone is really promoting staying calm and disciplined instead of trying to get rich quick. George from CryptosRus channel is great too. Thanks again!

  4. You went against what others were telling you to do and bought hex which enriched you. Im doing the same with his pulsex. Subscribed.

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