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The Best 5 Confirmation indicators on Tradingview, Top 5 Filters for scalping 1 minute 5 minute +H

The Best 5 Confirmation indicators on Tradingview, Top 5 Filters for scalping 1 minute 5 minute +H

The Best 5 Confirmation indicators on Tradingview, Top 5 Filters for scalping 1 minute 5 minute +H

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VID: Trend meter + Donchian tend ribbon + heikin ashi + 10 in1
TYPE : Early Bird Trading Strategy
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hofman trading strategy
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  1. I learnt to manage my money through bitcoin investments and it really works for me. They say money can't buy happiness but poverty can't buy anything.

  2. Sir, I backtested the indicators and saw that they gave very good results. Are these indicators repainting indicators or not?

  3. I'll give trend meter a try, I haven't used it before. I am trying to use an ema cross of the hull ma to signal direction.

  4. Hi u r videos are excellent. Thanks for the video. I have a query does these indicators repaint? Pls reply. Thanks…

  5. I’m trying to take full advantage of the recession, I’ve allocated my capital in a safe and sustainable way but still leave room for excitement for individual stocks, cryptos and new exciting opportunities!

  6. Making the best trades is the key, making profits is the goal and money is secondary; this I am sure of as I have never lost a trade with the expertise and management of Mr Thomas Kostas with his dynamic trading software.

  7. I will forever be indebted to you 😇, you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Brian Harding Dawahare

  8. i use higher high lower low live by lonesome together with ema 200 and vwap where you sell below the ema and vwap where hl or hh signals are given and vice versa

  9. Your knowledge will come in handy, Thanks for the video. But I earn from mining in Utopia P2P ecosystem by mining Crypton private cryptocurrency.

  10. Hi, thanks for videos and channel : Personally, I use my own indicator (Robotaone Long and Short Signal). I cannot share it because it is in version 2 of Pinescript. It does not work in 3-4-5 version …

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