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The $300K Discord Crypto Scam Just Got Worse…

The 0K Discord Crypto Scam Just Got Worse…

The 0K Discord Crypto Scam Just Got Worse…

This 17-year-old stole over 0,000 in 45 minutes. How? A Discord Moderator by the name of JM made a teeny tiny mistake which cost thousands of users. In this video, let’s investigate the CreatureToadz Crypto Discord situation.

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0:00 Introduction
0:15 The Story of NFT Minting Scheme
0:34 Who is Jean-Marc?
0:55 Server Insights Exploit
1:20 Creating the Fake Website
1:40 Meeting Utopain
2:05 Webhook Announcements
2:21 The Fake Website
2:50 Tricking Thousands of Users
3:08 CreatureToadz Staff Clarifies
3:30 Hacker returns funds
3:39 Conclusion

Cipher by LEMMiNO
Time by IAmJay
Warm Nights by Lakey Inspired

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