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Technical Analysis is Hard (until you see this)

Technical Analysis is Hard (until you see this)

Technical Analysis is Hard (until you see this)

Technical Analysis Course. How to use Technical Analysis.
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0:00 Intro
0:07 Important terms to understand
0:12 What is price action
0:20 What is price support
0:26 What is price resistance
0:32 What is a trendline
0:40 What is a formation
0:50 What does bullish and bearish mean
0:57 Difference between long and short position
1:13 Market order vs limit order
1:37 Pick the best trading platform
1:48 Best crypto trading platforms
2:04 Best stock trading platform
2:36 How to think of technical analysis
4:30 Offer
4:50 How to read a candlestick graph
5:08 What do red and green candles mean
6:00 What do candlestick wicks mean
7:38 Technical analysis exceptions
8:14 What are trendlines in TA (in-depth)
9:46 How to use support and resistance lines
10:50 What is trading sideways
11:00 Trendline real-world example
11:40 What are formations in technical analysis
11:59 Common formation MISTAKE
12:55 What are continuation patterns
13:06 Wedge pattern & Pennant pattern
13:12 Flag pattern & Cup and handle pattern
13:27 Head and shoulders pattern
13:56 When to exit a trade
14:10 What is leverage in trading
14:50 What is spot trading
15:15 What is a trailing stop loss
15:54 Trading Volume – Not all trends are created equally
16:49 What is market cap and why does it matter
17:12 How to use RSI in trading
18:46 How to use moving averages in trading
19:56 Remember this rule!
20:24 Analysing a double bottom chart
21:00 Using EMAs
21:19 Set a reminder
21:37 Where to go from here

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Video for Krypton Crypto Trading Course
Krypton Crypto Trading Course youtube video content


  1. This has to be one of the best vids I’ve ever watched on this topic. Very informative and straightforward. Too many YouTubers use technical jargon that hasn’t been touched on that leads to even more confusion.

    U did a fantastic job with this vid!!!

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