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TAX on shares UK – DON'T PAY IT!

TAX on shares UK – DON'T PAY IT!

TAX on shares UK – DON'T PAY IT!

If you don’t pay tax on your investments in the UK you can end up in a lot of trouble. This video will make sure that doesn’t happen by educating you on all the ways you can LEGALLY not pay tax on your investments.

Did you know all investments in the UK are subject to three types of tax? Stamp duty, Dividend tax and capital gains tax. But did you also know that you get a tax free allowance for both Dividends and capital gains and if you structure it properly there is no need to pay tax on your stocks and shares at all.

Today’s video covers
What taxes do we pay?
Stamp duty tax
Dividend tax
Capital gains tax
The ways to legally avoid paying tax on your investments.

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🕑 Timestamps:
00:00 – Death and Taxes
00:40 – Imagine an organisation so powerful..
02:25 – The tax you pay when you buy shares.
04:10 – The importance of using an ISA
04:45 – Tax free samples.
05:26 – Dividend Tax.
07:59 – Capital gains tax
09:30 – Self assessment Tax return
09:50 – Tax is a privilege

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Disclaimer: Any information provided in this video is meant purely for entertainment purposes and does not constitute any form of recommendation, They are simply my opinions. If you want financial advice tailored to your circumstances please consult with a licensed professional.

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  1. Hi Guys!

    I should have clarified in the video, you only pay capital gains when you sell your shares. Not while you are holding them.


  2. The political risk of having someone revoke the tax free status of ISA gains worries me

  3. HMRC are the scum of the earth and harbour incompetence of the highest order.

  4. Excellent video very informative ,
    I have a question I would appreciate very much your reply I am new to all this
    I just opened a Degiro account and I intend just to buy around £3000 of US and Europe
    accumulating ETFs and sell them in 5 years time I live in the UK my question is
    do I have each year to declare and pay taxes on these Etfs or
    only when I sell them or I don`t need to do nothing ?

  5. im confused. i live in the uk and if i invest in a stocks isa i have to pay stamp duty hows much is that? also do i have to pay tax on my dividents if i earn more than 2k? cheers. new to this investing malarkey haha

  6. Hi I have a question. What if I don’t withdraw the money from my broker ? Do I still have to pay ?

  7. I am just starting out, investing £100 pm, would you recommend taking the hit and paying for an Isa anyway?

    I own a little crypto have earned about 3k gains from others side hustles this tax year

  8. Hi Damien, awesome videos as always!!
    The figures you explain in the video, Is this ontop of a salary or inclusive?

    For example, i work fulltime for 25k a year pay income tax on these wages.
    If I was to have a gain on crypto (say a gain of £500 for ease of figures) or other investment would I pay tax on the whole amount (because I’ve already had my tax allowance from my main employment) or is capital gains tax completely separate?

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