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Tastytrade co-founder on Robinhood's handling of Reddit short squeeze

Tastytrade co-founder on Robinhood's handling of Reddit short squeeze

Tastytrade co-founder on Robinhood's handling of Reddit short squeeze

Tom Sosnoff, CEO and co-founder of online broker and financial news network tastytrade, joined “Squawk Box” on Friday to discuss the mania into trades from GameStop to American Airlines. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Today, Feb 3., 2021, EVERY stock that RobbingTheHood stopped the trading of last week – and continues to hobble, FINISHED IN THE GREEN TODAY!! Every one of the 10 and even SLV (Silver ETF) was up today. RobbingTheHood has done everything that they can to help CITADEL to lower the prices of the stocks that Melvin Capital was underwater on. CITADEL gave $48 million to politicians last year and $810,000 to Janet Yellen last year – so it's not likely that they will be punished for their crimes that involved getting the DTC/DTCC/NSCC group to raise the requirements (from 2% to 100%) on just the 50 stocks that Melvin Capital was underwater on – and getting squeezed for. The real story is the relationship between Citadel and RobbingTheHood and with Citadel and the DTC/DTCC/NSCC group – with both efforts attempting to protect Melvin Capital who Citadel had given $2 billion to last week – to further short the 50 stocks that Melvin Capital had shorted and naked shorted. It's disgusting. But, as usual, those hired to protect us, are beholden to Citadel – and there will likely be no punishment for Citadel, DTC/DTCC/NSCC, and RobbingTheHood. But, hopefully, the WSB squeeze will continue successfully and Melvin Capital will be put out of business. Let's hope so.

  2. The market is rigged for big players……and they are not happy when someone stop the stealing.

  3. 2:43 Bad take by Tom. "I think they regulators [wanted to make sure the retailers and their broker had enough capital] to support….".
    Oh yea? Where were the regulators to make sure Melvin had enough capital to support their over extended short positions?

  4. I agree with him.

    The baby boomers are transitioning from net buyers of the market to net sellers.

    They better shut up and welcome the next generation of investors before they pack their bags and find more welcoming places to invest.

    I have zero sympathy for hedge funds that take more risk than they can stand to lose and then complain when it goes south them.

    They should shut up and take their lumps like everyone else does.

  5. Vlad, lovely fake basement background, innocent little boy in his parents basement look 😂 😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. 2:10 The best part of this video. The dents in the wall to the left below the painting look exactly like what you'd see after a soy latte is thrown at the wall after being put between the hedge fund the pays you, and the SEC that is going to send you to prison.

  7. News anchor: Will capitalism survive? 😂😂 The most dramatic yet simultaneously redundant question ever.

  8. Just another financial a-hole pretending to be hip. All about win/lose (I win, you lose… to be specific0. While all the while pretending to be a wise financial scholar. Our world gets better with less financial scamming of every sort, not more. Less finance, more caring about other people.

  9. Hedge guys got put into a short squeeze by buyers going long. Well guess what. Hedge shorts put the rest of the GME stockholders into a long squeeze. So what’s the difference? Same same. Let the market play it out.

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