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STOP PAYING COMMISSIONS! Interactive Brokers – Day Trading Broker

STOP PAYING COMMISSIONS! Interactive Brokers – Day Trading Broker

STOP PAYING COMMISSIONS!  Interactive Brokers – Day Trading Broker

STOP PAYING COMMISSIONS with Interactive Brokers by using ECN Rebates!!!

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  1. I know there is an option in the account setting but can you switch from Tiered to Fixed (or the other way round) any time you want?

  2. Hey Axis! Thanks for your video, it is very useful! I was wondering under which report/statement can I find how much ECN rebate I have become so far? I could not find anything about my ecn fees/rebates when I was looking over my reports. Thanks for your help!!

  3. What does it mean by that Minimum Per Order 0.35?
    So if youre on the first tier does that mean you have to have a minimum order of 100 shares per trade to meat that 0.35?

  4. Just wondering why would people choose fixed rate then since tiered is so much cheaper? Thanks

  5. i don't understand. Sorry.
    Basically, you are saying that if I choose Tiered, knowing what price I am going to buy the stock will usually be cheaper if i were to use the fixed commissions?

  6. Great Videos. In your opinion, is IB the best canadian broker for trading sub-penny OTC's, long and short? thx

  7. Great Video! So, getting the rebate is on buy limit orders? and no rebate on buy market orders? Thanks!

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