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RSI Crypto Trading Strategy Ethereum Backtest – IFTRSI (Inverse Fisher Transformed Relative RSI)

RSI Crypto Trading Strategy Ethereum Backtest – IFTRSI (Inverse Fisher Transformed Relative RSI)

RSI Crypto Trading Strategy Ethereum Backtest – IFTRSI (Inverse Fisher Transformed Relative RSI)

In this Ethereum Trading Strategy backtest, we will compare the results of the IFTRSI (Inverse Fisher Transformed Relative Strength Index) to the regular RSI (Relative Strength Index). Does smoothening out the regular RSI help with improving performance when trading Ethereum (ETH). This video has the answers.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  1. Good analysis yet again, danke Gerhard! I would be very interested to hear your opinion of how Ethereum will trend during the next 4 – 6 months, also in light of the operational/fundamental developments such as EIP 1559 etc. My personal opinion is that it should likely at least re-test its previous high from earlier in the year by Dec., though many are more extremely bullish. Perhaps you could plan such an analysis for the near future if you have time. In Hong Kong hast du keinen Platz ein Auto richtig zu geniessen oder?

  2. I might be wrong and maybe I'm making this up but I think RSI distribution is linear and IFTRSI is exponential (or logarithmic if you want). So in order to do this analysis I would have defined the intervals respecting this. RSI can be split in intervals separated by 0.1 as you already did, but with IFTRSI, splitting by 0.1 in my humble opinion is wrong because the distribution is non linear. Concentration of values are more dense the more you move to the extremes. between 0 and -0.1 is not the same as -0.1 and -0.2, and that's why when I want to pick a 10 times more overextended value from -0.9 I then pick -0.99, and then -0.999 I think if this analysis took in consideration that the results would be different. In my experience IFTRSI is a great alternative for both buys and sells, but it all depends on the values you pick, and also on some extras, like applying signal delays, entering when the signal stops, and not when it first triggers, combining with other signals like QFL to prevent longer timeframes bad entries. Pretty solid video, really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work Gerhard 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great video! True alpha!!
    Can I request DCA strategy for Polkadot someday?

  4. But it’s pretty rare that the rsi will be lower than 20?? So the alarm will go on fast …

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