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Pot stocks plunge after Reddit-fueled pop earlier this week: CNBC After Hours

Pot stocks plunge after Reddit-fueled pop earlier this week: CNBC After Hours

Pot stocks plunge after Reddit-fueled pop earlier this week: CNBC After Hours’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, CNBC’s Frank Holland hits the massive plunge in cannabis stocks after Reddit traders piled into the space. Plus, CNBC’s Josh Lipton breaks down the ongoing global semiconductor shortage that is snarling production schedules of everything from pickup trucks to gaming consoles.

00:00 — Intro
0:40 — Stocks close mixed
1:37 — Weed stocks tank as Reddit trade loses momentum
2:57 — CNBC Soundcheck
4:32 — The global semiconductor chip shortage
6:44 — Numbers Round

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  1. its 2031 and cannabis extracts are now the defacto supplement for everyone. people look at you crazy when you say you don't dose.

  2. Prices going down?Sweet, everything’s on sale.💰 Im appreciative for this informative content.I remembered to smash the like button.

  3. The pop started when Kamala Harris said her and Joe would decriminalize it in her VP debate with Mike Pence. You know this. Yet you continue to blame Reddit Bros. Just stop. All this false information

  4. Marijuana is a gateway drug and it smells awful; yet CNBC gives marijuana more airtime than any topic known to man. Stop promoting these stocks, I don’t want my children contemplating anything about marijuana

  5. Dems pass bill to give $25M to Pakistan for gender studies, yet CNB chose to report a $10,000 wasted expense from a Republic. When will the Left stop the bias toward the Right.

  6. Lies wsb never said anything about weed stocks the news made it up like the silver thing to distract people from buying GME and AMC I hope these people spreading lies rot in hell they cost people money because they are greedy trashcans

  7. The chip shortage is partly due to those wonderful tariffs since USA has basically zero semiconductor production.

    Can't jack taxes on imports of something you don't produce locally without hurting the average joe (costs of electronics surging to compensate)

  8. Still lying huh Still Spreading Propaganda YOU GUYS WHILE HAVE YOUR TURN TRUST ME

  9. Why the he11 would you cover Pompeo's 10,000 pens made in China but not cover the MILLIONs of dollars of the Biden Burisma SCANDAL? Deflecting?

  10. I truly wish news anchors, journalists and other people writing/reporting on this topic would use a more formal term, like cannabis, rather than "weed." "Weed" diminishes what cannabis actually is – medicine. Glad to see the word cannabis used more in this clip 👏👏👏

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