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OctaFX Copy Trading Is A ⚠️SCAM⚠️ – I Lost $1100 CopyTrading with Them.

OctaFX Copy Trading Is A ⚠️SCAM⚠️ – I Lost 00 CopyTrading with Them.

OctaFX Copy Trading Is A ⚠️SCAM⚠️ – I Lost 00 CopyTrading with Them.

octafx copy trading is a scam and I have proof in this my octafx copy trading review because I have used the octafx copy trading app and I can for sure tell you that the octafx trading specifically their copy trading platform is a total scam so if you’ve been searching for something like octafx copy trading real or fake then this my video on octafx copytrading is where I’ll expose what all the octafx copy trading tutorial videos out there don’t tell you in the octafx copy trading review in malaysia or in english. Just watch this my octafx review to the end and you’ll know the truth.

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Just follow my steps and enjoy… Thanks for watching guys!



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  1. Bro your a huge liar firstly you said you put lost 1,100 but didn't show the amount you deposited secondly you said you lost but your gain% didn't drop it should have been on red not green third from the looks of it you didn't deposit upto 100 but lied you lost 1,100… Because of your I had to cancel my copy master trader and lost my 12$ bonus I was using luckily I didn't lose at first I lost 39$ but within two days it went back up.. If you don't have any understanding of trading stop say what you don't know just for views there people in octafx copying without experience and some are paid by octafx but there are also people with experience… Your no different from other YouTubers or those who where paid by octafx to make the company look go.. My joy is at least I received my profit wasn't much but it was something..

  2. This is why you should build a strategy by yourself, if you want to create wealth, create it with your own hands not with someone else. Octafx is a broker, they not a scam. Putting your money in a strangers hands in simply just a bad decision. Learn to trade, become consistent and make yourself a master. No other person will do that for you

  3. God bless you. Sometimes when you place a trade, it rejects it. Octafx is terrible and most influencers are busy promoting the octafx trash

  4. I disagree because I lost my money too but after learning the ways of forex I recoverd my money later am talking about $550 here

  5. As soon as i saw the rejection of US citizens i immediately know its a Scam.

    US government tries to protect their citizens from scammers like this.

  6. Mentor, Daniel I wanted to purchase the 10000 affiliate course but I m not able to make the payment via my naira master I was trying to create a virtual credit card but I wasn't I was lost, sim very long and MTN has given other customers so I'm can get it back, please what is other way I can pay for the course. Thank you

  7. I have $100k to $500k using Octfx if you want to get view why don't you do legitimate research on things that will benefit your subscribers. You will tell people this is legit today, tomorrow you'll come and tell them this same thing you said it was legit is a scam. I don't usually comment on post like but yours too much. Deceive people with affiliate marketing strategy that doesn't work but not bringing other's company down let's be honest what you're doing is wrong.

  8. This could happen because of two reasons

    1:- the trader you link your account too and copy their trades sucks and his bad at trading normally

    2:- and octafx can also knowing rank bad traders as a profitable trader, so that you will link your account with them and defiantly loss your money on the long run

    Have being trading the FOREX marker for some couple of years now… I shared TRADING SIGNALS on my WhatsApp status and my vip group for my contacts and student and we make money consistently 💸💰🔥💰💰💸

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  9. Or I will go to the police and threaten you for browsing on other people's information and piracy

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