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OANDA/TradingView – REVIEW (2020)

OANDA/TradingView – REVIEW (2020)

OANDA/TradingView – REVIEW (2020)

OANDA paired with TradingView is a very smooth experience. In this video I go over what it’s like using OANDA with TradingView and my experiences with it so far.

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OANDA/TradingView – How to place a trade

OANDA/TradingView – My Setup

OANDA/TradingView – How to use templates

OANDA/TradingView – How to set an alert

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  1. Does anybody has the experience that the session between Tradingview and OANDA expired after some days and you need to manually re-authenticate on Tradingview screen? Making 24/7 automated trading at risk.

  2. Hey bro. Great content. How do you add the bar and when you click on it show take profit stop loss green and red square on the chart. Don't remember at the moment what it was called… Any feedback much appreciated. Pretty new at Tradingview and still figuring things out.

  3. Liking your videos 👏🏻 personally prefer CedarFX though, their eco account plants trees with your trades 🌱🌱🌱🌳🌳🌳

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  6. Oanda review: its great for beginners and easy to use. Thanks guys for watching! Lol naw but good review simple and straight to the point.

  7. you say its great for beginners but which would you pick as a better forex broker thanks let me know

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