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OANDA/TradingView – How to Place A Trade

OANDA/TradingView – How to Place A Trade

OANDA/TradingView – How to Place A Trade

A video of how to place a trade with OANDA on TradingView and how to manage the position once you are in the trade.

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OANDA used with TradingView is very powerful, and it allows you to place trades using OANDA as a broker, much faster if you use TradingView as your tool for technical analysis. I use OANDA with TradingView every day, for swing trading and day trading the forex markets.

If you have any questions about TradingView, or Oanda, or both TradingView AND Oanda, please let know in the comments below.

Also, check out my other TradingView tip videos, where I go over my TradingView setup and how to make a template.

Video for Oanda Crypto Trading
Oanda Crypto Trading youtube video content


  1. I placed an order on TV Oanda but it's in standard lot size. My acc is in micro lot size. So how do I trade in mini or micro lot size in TV?

  2. Hey thanks for ypur input.

    How is the instrument code when i want to buy sell the dow jones? Is that even possible with oanda autoview tradingview?

  3. do you ever get orders canceled? every time I try to take a trade it canceled my order, doesn't even hit my stop loss

  4. Hey Telepath, what’s the reason for orders not being filled? I execute as in your video but nothing happens. The candles hit my limit order but doesn’t fill.

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  8. looks like it takes time just to execute a single order , to me it's so hard to get out anytime when you want it

  9. Great video and explanation been searching yotube for this lol. So when you said secure profits move the SL to what you want. If I left the rest that's what people term as "runners "? What would happen if price went in the opposite direction? Lose the money?

  10. Can I trade USA stock on eg NASDAQ with OANDA? I have a demo account and when I try to trade a stock it says it cannot be traded in OANDA.

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