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New Crypto Law (I’m terrified)

New Crypto Law (I’m terrified)

New Crypto Law (I’m terrified)

Crypto law explained. Crypto news.
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The SEC put out a little proposal… If enacted it could crush crypto technology all without even mentioning the words defi or cryptocurrency.

How is this even possible? Is this a mistake.. intentional ignorance..? Or something else altogether?
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This new proposal by the SEC plans to expand on the word “securities dealer” to Specifically include treasury dealers… Making them subject to much more regulation.

Now wait… you’re probably wondering how this relates to crypto at all? I mean the title of the proposal is literally about government securities dealers… not crypto…

Well… in this case, it’s all about the footnotes… the fine print
See on footnote 36 it states that this rule would apply to securities defined by the document… as well as ANY digital asset that is a security as defined by the Securities Act

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  1. Anyone who has been in the vaping space is shaking their head right now because this is literally what happened to vaping. It went so long without regulation most of knew the truth and some wanted “reasonable regulation “ the truth is there’s no such thing. Regulation takes away rights and gives more power to the government ALWAYS! Right now you don’t have to be rich to make a little scratch regulation will change that to either no one making money from it or only the rich getting richer. Say no to regulation it defeats the entire purpose of crypto

  2. It’s like gun regulation… they hand pick and use emotion to create new firearm laws that only restrict law abiding citizens. Look at the study done by the CDC during the Obama admin.. they found over 3 million defensive uses of firearms a year. And less than 10,000 homicides not counting gang activity

  3. Imagine a Swiss crypto backed by its currency. Probably South American country with a dictatorship will emerge as crypto leader. Dubai could be a trading Mecca too.

  4. It scares me that the US Government & affiliates are enforcing controls to dictate to the world. Join us or be left out our circle.

  5. I fear the WEF cabal will hijack crypto via regulations because crypto as we know it does not line up with this “Great” reset aka you will own nothing and be happy.

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