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Make HUGE Profits Leverage Trading Bitcoin (Easiest Tutorial to Short Bitcoin)

Make HUGE Profits Leverage Trading Bitcoin (Easiest Tutorial to Short Bitcoin)

Make HUGE Profits Leverage Trading Bitcoin (Easiest Tutorial to Short Bitcoin)

Today, Frankie Candles guest hosts and teaches us about “shorting” Crypto on the Crypto market. This video is the easiest tutorial to short bitcoin and if you follow the steps provided, you could be making huge profits in crypto! Frankie prefers to use Phemex which we believe is the best method for leverage trading crypto. You may be asking “why should I short Bitcoin?” There may be those who tell you to do it and those who tell you not to do it. With the right guidance and knowledge, even if the price of Bitcoin is going down, there are still ways to make money through “shorting.”

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:48 Frankie Begins
1:40 Introducing Phemex Website
4:32 Leveraging
7:31 Setting Limit Order

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  1. 99% of people watching this video will loose a LOT of money doing that – not my opinion – its a fact.

  2. How much money do they pay you to lie to your audience that they'll make huge profits? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 clown show 🤡

  3. Please re-do the video. This was confusing, too much back and forth. This was not straight forward.

  4. I wouldn’t do it. Long term investing is the best strategy. Subscribe to the channel to track the portfolio

  5. Completely disregard everything he is saying. Leveraged trading is a terrible idea.

  6. Made most of my money from crypto, by doing the opposite of what crypto influencer sentiment is. I love Bitboy and the crew but if I’m being honest. When they are bullish. I’m betting down. When they are bearish. I’m betting up. And so far. I’ve been making bank. <3 (no hate. Love everyone. Just saying)

  7. “Make HUGE Profits Leverage Trading” is exactly why people don’t trust, or respect you.

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