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Make +$100 per day GUARANTEED from crypto arbitrage | Binance P2P

Make +0 per day GUARANTEED from crypto arbitrage | Binance P2P

Make +0 per day  GUARANTEED from crypto arbitrage | Binance P2P

What if you could guarantee yourself a profitable trade with no risk involved? What would you do?

This is an update video about how to Make 100 per day guaranteed every day no trading skill required, this video is your step-by-step guide on how to make 0 per day using Binance p2p trading and arbitrage trading.

After the first video most of my viewers wanted me to explain in more details how dose arbitrage trading work and I guess everyone liked the idea of making money with no risk

The best part is that you do not even need to be an experienced trader, when compounding your profit you can make more than 0.

Before we get started here are the tools you will need to create an account with these exchanges, I am not sponsored to talk about these exchanges however some links contain affiliate

To trade on P2P trading you will need a Binance account

You will also need a local exchange in my case I am using Altcoin trader but you can find a local exchange based on where you are located

Create your trading account with Bybit, in my view, this is the best leverage triaging exchange. Get up to 0 by using this link

00:00 intro
00:49 What is Arbitrage trading and P2P trading
01:29 How does arbitrage trading work?
08:16 Binance P2P trading
12:24 Closing

You can archive this 0 per day by doing arbitrage trading

Here is your step by step guide

1 open an account with altcoin trader or any local exchange depending on where you are located around the world
Once you have your account you will need to deposit funds from your bank account
Once the funds have reflected you will need to buy USDT and send it over to the second exchange which is Binance

2 once your USDT have reflected on your Binance account go to P2P trading and post an ad
3 list your USDT for sale make sure you add a mock-up as demonstrated on the video
A buyer will buy your USDT and send the money directly to your bank account

4 make sure the funds have reflected to your bank account before handing over your usdt

Arbitrage trading is a relatively low-risk trading strategy that takes advantage of price differences across different involves buying and selling the same asset BTC on different exchanges. And making a profit on the price difference

Once you have made your first profit on your Binance P2P trading you should compound and keep repeating the cycle over for better returns

The risk with P2P trading is being targeted by scammers, always look at the rating of the person you are dealing with and never release the coins if the funds have not been reflected on your account.

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  1. everything is done well. one thing can be clearer is the time frame…..when you buy usdt and send it over to binance, how long does it take to process? and how long will it take to get a p2p exchange?

  2. quick question. What does the tax situation look like for these types of transactions? The person pays the money to your account and you pay tax on the total you receive right?

  3. What if am in a country where I can't buy directly from my account please what should I do

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