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Learn KuCoin Margin in 3 Minutes!

Learn KuCoin Margin in 3 Minutes!

Learn KuCoin Margin in 3 Minutes!

What is margin trading? How to make profit via KuCoin Margin? Watch the video now and learn KuCoin Margin in 3 minutes!

Video for Margin Crypto Trading
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  1. All the margin videos are nice, but still leave out some of the basics. It would be good to have a new video that shows a few different examples of borrowing and trading in more detail, so you can see the details and exact money of every step.

    Use round numbers and ficticious examples to make it easy, such as shorting $100 of a coin and rebuying at $90, and then the repayment and interest amounts. Also show an example of liquidation using a tiny amount of value change, such as if the debt ratio liquidation limit is $100, you could show someone still trading at the $99.75 level, but then it moves 25 cents, and they get liquidated. Then show how someone can avoid liquidation by quickly adding new funds and raising the limit.

    By the time someone answers this I will probably have learned it from another video or article, but, I understand the concept of borrowing coins to immediately sell and then rebuying at a cheaper price and repaying the coins and keeping the difference.

    What I don't understand is what the benefit of a margin account is for Longs? I mean, a Long is a just a regular 'buy low sell high' trade, right, so why do you need a margin account for standard trading?

    If you are loaned more money than you have in collateral, how much more do you get, and does it increase over time with "trust" or is it always a fixed rate? TIA

  2. I wish YouTube had an option to disable/lower background music separately to speech (YT ppl, what've u been up to in the last decade?)

  3. Very very stupid and dangerous if you do not study the best buy in points in the market and if you dont pay attention to the overall economy as a whole

    Very very very stupid thing to do for 98% of you guys

  4. Please, explain me why would kucoin lend me 200 USDT if I have only 100 USDT? I can run away with borrowed money or loose more than half in trading.

  5. I borrow $21 dollar and make it $30 . And then pay back $21 and now I have 9 but these $9 not transfered to main or fear account how I transfer it please help

  6. How does one make profits from funds borrowed on margin trading that can be withdrawn… Are you just making profits for the exchange?

  7. I simply do not grasp margin trading. I believe it's because it's simple and rationally ridiculous.

  8. Be careful! A lot of complaints on forums. And if something goes wrong or you have any question, Kucoin's support is lazy and understaffed. You wait for weeks. Or forever.

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