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Is Webull Really Free? | Webull Commission-Free Trading

Is Webull Really Free? | Webull Commission-Free Trading

Is Webull Really Free? | Webull Commission-Free Trading

Webull says they offer, “commission-free trading” to lure people to their platform, many wonder if the app really is free to use, because you know what they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”
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There are many commission-free trading platforms out there today, and the likelihood that others will continue to pop up is high.

The basic premise is the same – giving new investors a chance to launch a portfolio with little money. However, most of the platforms have tweaked their services to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Most are aimed at a specific demographic, from millennials to more seasoned investors to day traders.

Webull is a 100% free trading platform. They do not charge any hidden fees. They also do not have any strings attached such as requirements for signing up. There is no minimum balance to open an account.

Since Webull is free, a lot of people were worried it was a scam. It is, in fact, not a scam! They are a legitimate brokerage that actually does make money in a few creative ways.

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