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Is Crypto Currency allowed in Islam?

Is Crypto Currency allowed in Islam?

Is Crypto Currency allowed in Islam?


Salaam everyone. We are not scholars and this is not financial advice. The opinions we are sharing are not our own, they are based on Islamic rulings and information provided by scholars. We acknowledge there is a difference of opinion on this topic in Islam, however, we are simply sharing the opinion we follow.

The Islamic opinion we follow is that some cryptocurrencies are halal (permissible) and others are haram (impermissible). Each coin has to be analyzed and researched individually to determine whether it is permissible to invest in.

Before investing, I always make sure to check with someone who has Islamic financial knowledge.

Here is a list of the top 50 halal cryptocurrencies.

You can also check out Nader The Halal Investor on Tiktok @halalstocktok. He has a lot of videos with helpful information if you’re curious about which coins are permissible to invest in.

Keep in mind, projects are always evolving, so it’s best to conduct additional research and reach out to scholars with Islamic financial knowledge.

Investing is a personal decision. If you don’t know how to research or are uncomfortable, that’s okay – crypto is still a new topic for many people and something many are still learning about. If you’re not sure about what you’re investing in, it’s always safer not to take the risk. There’s a lot of information out there – take your time learning.

We hope you can respect that we are simply sharing the opinion we follow, and likewise we intend to respect your opinions as well.

Video for Crypto Trading Halal
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  1. Once paper money goes away the government will have total control over everyone’s money

  2. The entire financial system needs an update. Every currency in the world stinks as they all trade in USD and its conversion/backing to gold was severed by president Nixon.

    So, commodities are the best form of money. I dont necessarily believe bitcoin is the answer, but I do believe I'll be better off in it, than out of it. Truth is, I'm team gold. It may be the oldest, but nothing can truly beat it. The reasoning why gold > cryptos is because gold is physical, universally accepted, and it was used as money for thousands of years.

    I can trade gold with the most rural tribes of Afghanistan, eastern siberia, or in the amazon rainforest and they will all know the value of gold.

  3. Can u plz tell me top 100 haram coin list?? Plz make as a vedio Or list!! My humble request

  4. Any currency or kind of payment that will not survive at the Dajjal time isn’t actually worthy lol! I wish if everyone (including where i live) sticks to dirham or dinar so the actual value of the money goes along with it!

    Okay i might be saying this because maybe i live somewhere all those new payment methods and new currencies aren’t recognized and i might be a little jealous 🙂

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