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Intro to cryptocurrency trading with the Kraken exchange

Intro to cryptocurrency trading with the Kraken exchange

Intro to cryptocurrency trading with the Kraken exchange

A quick intro to using Kraken to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and others.

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Video for Kraken Pro Advanced Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Apk
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  1. This Crypto currency has a long way to go? I sent 2 xmr from my MyMonero wallet to my Kraken acct and never made it? Checked the blockchain info and appears to have went thru but too confusing to figure out so I sent the link to Kraken support and waiting to see there response? This is the second time this has happened to me so I'm thru with Monero and questioning this whole blockchain technology? 2 days ago my brother lost all his coins in Cryptopia , He logged onto his acct to find all his coins were sold off for BTC and transferred to someone else's wallet. This technology will never go mainstream with these kind of problems.

  2. I am a successful trader of various cryptocurrencies and I can help you secure the value of your financial input, even when the value of that commodity you invested in, drops.

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  4. thank you for your video. I am new to Kraken. I am also on etoro but the sperads there are too high. One question could I buy and fix automatically a price at which I will sell and take profit, the symmetric of stop loss. This is possible on Etoro but I still didn't see it on Kraken.

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  6. I've been selling when MFI is around 70-80 and MACD is around full bars but sometimes it reaches 90's or more. Should I just keep selling around 70-80? Is that safer?

  7. Hi I am new to kraken, please help me understand the US deposit. I have got tire three verified and I initiated the deposit which gave me some transaction ID. Now I am not sure how I can wire transfer as there is no account number.

  8. is it possible to place several orders of the same denominations simultaneously, for example:

    order 1: buy ETH at 250€/ETH for 50€
    order 2: but ETH at 240€/ETH for 50€


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