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I Tried Out This Crypto Grid Trading Bot for 2 Weeks… (6.9% Profit!)

I Tried Out This Crypto Grid Trading Bot for 2 Weeks… (6.9% Profit!)

I Tried Out This Crypto Grid Trading Bot for 2 Weeks… (6.9% Profit!)

I love crypto trading bots. I’ve tried out a bunch before — rebalancing, arbitrage, trend, etc. But never tried a grid bot before. So when I came across Pionex’s Grid Bot, I had to try it out! In this video I’ll share with you my experience for the past 2 weeks and my final verdict of whether or not I’d ride with it for the future.

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Watch my Arbitrage bot video:

Disclosure: As marked on the video, this is a sponsored video. Please always do your own due diligence in the crypto space and try things out before going crazy with your funds.

0:00 Intro
0:57 Why I like bots
2:32 What is a Grid Bot?
3:33 Trying out the Grid Bot
6:29 About Pionex
7:02 My final verdict

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  1. Can you withdraw your asset anytime with the grid trading strategy? Or is it locked in for a period of time depending on your setting? Please enlighten. Thanks

  2. How do you take profit and then add them back into the bot? I have multiple but I just don’t know If I should stop them or release the profits?

  3. I am sort of new to the crypto space and I was wondering if day-trading crypto is a viable option to start making profit faster. I find the concept of leverage in crypto fascinating (125x leverage is quite tempting).
    Are there any consistent strategies out there? Can anyone share any consistent startegy with me?

  4. Sponsored video? Oh no, you just broke my heart Kevin. Found you a couple weeks ago and love your content, thought I found another good crypto channel, bummer.
    Also you mentioned you "marked" the video? Where? Other than comment, how do I tell if I'm watching a sponsored video?

  5. I've been using the trend bot you covered before. Like that one a lot, maybe I'll take this for a whirl too.

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