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I Tried Making Money With Sports Cards

I Tried Making Money With Sports Cards

I Tried Making Money With Sports Cards

I Tried Making Money With Trading Cards

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In this video we try the sports trading card hustle. Garyvee has been talking about this one forever and its really been getting more popular on social media. I first try out some retail arbitrage which is where you buy unopened packs of cards from retail stores and sell them for more online. I then did a box break and opened up some packs in hopes if getting cards that cost more than what I paid for the packs. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Idk if anyone is seeing this but if u ever see a Justin Herbert rookie sit that thing I promise ur making a huge profit

  2. Biaheza if you are seeing this please eliminate those bots , you have created this fluffy , now the community can’t do anything with bots , it can only be done by you, those bots 🤖 are eating everyones money 💴 please

  3. The pack you bought was only 8 cards and the one you said you looked up selling for $11.50 online was a 30 card pack. Completely different packs.

  4. Wait but are boys the only people collecting sport cards or are girls? Cus I am and I’m a girl

  5. I'm considering making money with new corvettes. The price of used vettes is higher than the price of new ones, by as much as 30k! It's stupid! But I'll take their money

  6. Is anyone else fed up with COMC to the point that they wont do future business with them? 90 days to schdule delivery of a few dozen sports cards and they are STILL NOT SHIPPED. No live phone support and they will not answer an email if your life depends on it – this is from someone who has purchased many thousands of cards from them over several years – WTFFFF?

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