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I am dedicating (10 000) Hours on Crypto Trading – (Beginner Mode)

I am dedicating (10 000) Hours on Crypto Trading – (Beginner Mode)

I am dedicating (10 000) Hours on Crypto Trading – (Beginner Mode)

Dedicated the previous three months on learning about crypto investing and I found interest in sharing it on my youtube channel as most of you watching my videos love learning about creating additional streams of income. I am now on a beginner phase of my journey but I dedicate at-least 4 hours a day on this topic and would love to make more videos on things I learn and find interesting. Let me know if you want more videos in this topic.

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  1. South Africa has apparently banned Binance from operating in SA. Are you still using Binance and if so do you have any problems with deposits.

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  5. I saw you at the mall yesterday, but I figured you were busy so I didn't disturb your peace✌✌

  6. Please make a videos of how to with goals and how to write buy the side on how you gonna achieve the
    And please make a vidoe on multi acc management of US30

  7. I’m interested to invest into your company and can you trade for me? I’m in Botswana I just want to change my life and go back school to finish up…

  8. Sir I opened an account with coinbase, I'm falling to add a payment method i tried adding capitec. Can you kindly help🙏🙏🥺

  9. Hello what's the best way to get started with bitcoin investment cos l've been making my personal research for a while now?

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  11. Hi,i am really inspired everytime I watch Your YouTube channel.I am a profitable trader today bcz of the content that you give for free and i would like to be in your team one day soon

    I just opened my Coinbase account but I am struggling with depositing,
    Can you plz make a tutorial video on how to deposit funds into Coinbase🙏🙏Stay Blessed 🚀💸🕯️

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