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How to Use Pionex Trading Bot App (Crypto Trading Bots Explained)

How to Use Pionex Trading Bot App (Crypto Trading Bots Explained)

How to Use Pionex Trading Bot App (Crypto Trading Bots Explained)

How to use Pionex crypto trading bots – crypto bots explained.

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0:00 How to use Pionex
0:32 Pionex basics
2:53 Markets tab
3:45 Pionex manual trading
4:30 Pionex grid trading bot explained
7:47 How Pionex grid bot works
9:59 How to use Pionex grid trading bot
12:57 Pionex moon bot
14:04 Pionex leveraged bot
17:43 How to edit bots
18:29 Pionex arbitrage crypto bot

Pionex platform

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  1. I see you have other trading bot videos for pionex. Are they the same, or which one is best to follow?

  2. How much greed should I put? I want to reverse greed but there is not ai strategy

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  6. I would love for you to consider doing advanced strategy for crypto bots to learn to improve what pairs you choose,%, step, how to rebalance over time and any other techniques to improve performance.

  7. Can somebody please answer my question. I can not find the answer anywhere online. What is considered HIGH VOLUME in a 5 minute candle?

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