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How to Use Coin Gecko for Crypto Investing

How to Use Coin Gecko for Crypto Investing

How to Use Coin Gecko for Crypto Investing

What is Coin Gecko and how can it benefit my crypto investing? Let’s take a quick dive into this site and find out what’s most useful.

We explain one of the best ways to build wealth in the BTC space and anyone can do it easily.
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Video for Gecko Crypto Trading
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  1. In the top 100 coins, how to make visible not only 1h, 24h and 7h, but also 14d, 30d and 1 year?

    I know that it has inside each coin, but if it has in the top 100 coins we could compare more easily between coins.

  2. When you click on Markets what does the "+2% Depth" and "-2% Depth" mean exactly and why is it useful?

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