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How to Trade with a Full Time Job?

How to Trade with a Full Time Job?

How to Trade with a Full Time Job?

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  3. 4 hours or daily charts is the best for people with 9-5s. But if you do want to day trade maybe try trading in the sessions that aren't in your working hours but it may interfere into your sleeping pattern.

  4. I'm swing trader I took Gbpaud and gbpjpy sell both are gave me 350 pips I like swing trading ❤️❤️

  5. @trader nick , Do you know EA pip Scalper.? can you post video on this robot.? What do you think is it worth in buying.? How does it works

  6. Yo waasup Nick, take a look at GOLD you spoke about the daily chart and retest zone around 1750-1700. Do u think we should buy with all the news about vaccine wondering if its safe??

  7. Wow a software developer before,i want to be one someday and still learning to be a consistent profitable trader

  8. I have a Full Time job and I DayTrade Forex and Stocks. My goal is to be a Full Time Trader I’ve set a certain time in the future to achieve that goal. If you want it bad enough you’ can achieve it.

  9. I'm trying to sign up with the black friday special but when I click on the link you're providing it sends me to your website but the prices there are the same as any other day and no Black Friday deal. Can you please direct me to where I can find the black friday deal. Thanks

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