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How To Track Cryptocurrencies In Google Sheets

How To Track Cryptocurrencies In Google Sheets

How To Track Cryptocurrencies In Google Sheets

How To Track Cryptocurrencies In Google Sheets

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In this video, I will show you have to pull Cryptocurrency data into Google Sheets. This data will include prices, market cap, and circulating supply. As you will see in the video you can pull data for a bunch of different cryptos including all the big ones. If you like this video don’t forget to smash the like button and subscribe!

🔷Google Sheets Functions:

🔸Price: =IF(ISBLANK(A3),””,INDEX(IMPORTHTML(CONCATENATE(“”,A3),”table”,1),1,2))
🔸Market Cap: =IF(ISBLANK(A3),””,INDEX(IMPORTHTML(CONCATENATE(“”,A3),”table”,2),1,2))
🔸Circulating Supply: =IF(ISBLANK(A3),””,INDEX(IMPORTHTML(CONCATENATE(“”,A3),”table”,2),2,2))

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  1. Hi Thank you so much for this video, I just started investing on stocks and crypto… Have a qq: If I buy 0.005 btc today at x price and tomorrow more 0.01 btc… how can I track both days and keep tracking all my buys? thanks

  2. Thanks for your video. Unfortunately, there are very few cryptocurrencies on YF, so this option is not working. Even NEO and EOS from the example are not working right now.

  3. Hi… Can I use this for two-word names of cryptos? Like Shiba Inu? I saw that your other video about crypto tracker I cannot, so I was wondering if you can do it with this one? thank you.

  4. Thank you Think Stocks. I have my sheet up and running. I do not know if someone has told you but I can get coins with two words in their name working by separating the words with a minus sign i.e. SHIBA INU becomes SHIBA-INU. It works for me.

  5. How do you add trades there, tho? Say, if I sell 25% of that BTC and purchase with that value ADA. What would be the best way to track that in the sheet? thanks!

  6. Hi, great guide. Is it possible to do the same but directly against coinmarketcap or coingekko as yahoo finance miss many coins, even f ex AAVE didn't pick up even though it does exist and is nor named something else?

  7. how do i look up the full name of the coin from the table? What will the formula be? Thanks.

  8. Not all the coins i have pull through. Half of mine show an N/A for the price and I double checked the notation on yahoo finance was correct. Example, VGX-USD, HNT-USD..

  9. what is the difference between that query and =GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:BTCUSD") ? Maybe the sources, but that query looks pretty convoluted to read

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