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How To Open A Questrade Account 2020 | Stock Market Trading & Investing

How To Open A Questrade Account 2020 | Stock Market Trading & Investing

How To Open A Questrade Account 2020 | Stock Market Trading & Investing

Trade with me:

I will be showing you step by step how to open a Questrade account for day trading and stock market investing in Canada. This includes Margin, TFSA, and RRSP accounts.

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Questrade Canada fees are .95 – .95 per trade for stocks depending on your share size, and FREE for buying ETF’s. They have very minimal quarterly inactivities but those can be easily avoided. Therefore it’s a broker suitable for all Canadians. To open an account the funding minimum is 00.

I love Questrade for their customer service and easy to use user interface. I personally use their margin account for day trading and swing trading, and TFSA for long term investments in the stock market. Another great bonus is that you can hold both USD and CAD in your Questrade account and avoid the constant currency conversion fees. You can perform Norbert’s Gambit on Questrade to buy US dollars at the spot rate and avoid FX conversion fees altogether.

Funding on Questrade is easy as well as they provide many options to deposit your account, such as online banking, interac transfer, PAD, or account transfer. I will be going over the details in this video.

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  1. Hello

    I would like to open an account from France

    can you tell me how to do it?
    what are the authentication procedures?

  2. I'm requesting a $1,000 dollar deposit returned from Questrade, but it's taking over a month now. They acknowledged that I should get it back, but they haven't yet for about 6 weeks now. When I write to them, I don't get any responses. I had to wait and ask on their chat box, I was 100+ in line. I eventually got to chat about 2 hours later. And they acknowledged my problem and said, we'll give you top priority before leaving. It's been a week later and no response yet. They are holding my $1,000 dollars that should be in my bank account for almost 2 months now. Very frustrating.

  3. From what I understand Questrade doesn't have customer service any more due to volume, but they will respond to emails in a about three days.

  4. Hi, Could you answer a question for me, what does selecting yes/no for "Do you want to trade options" do? Will it limit me to only trading options if I select it?

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