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How To Make $100 Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency 2022 (Full Strategy)

How To Make 0 Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency 2022 (Full Strategy)

How To Make 0 Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency 2022 (Full Strategy)

In this video I’ll explain my exact crypto trading strategy that allows me to make 0-1000/day trading crypto. This video has lessons from my nearly 7 years of experience, so I hope it helps!

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0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Strategy Explained
2:23 – Trading The 35A Strategy (Longing)
8:54 – Trading The 35A Strategy (Shorting)
11:31 – How To Position Size
13:09 – Understanding Risk/Reward
14:26 – Position Sizing
15:51 – Understanding Margin
17:23 – Tracking & Backtesting Trades
19:26 – Increasing Size & Profit
21:33 – Summary

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The content covered in this video is NOT to be considered financial or investment advice.
This video is not guaranteeing profits nor is it recommending to take any actions based on the content in this video. Video is intended for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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  1. This year has really been a heck on the money circle. I’m personally sick of it already, nothing seems stable anymore.
    All I keep seeing is countless evaluation on crypto from these channels.

  2. For trading it is best to use CRP IS. No one will trace the transactions and very low commissions

  3. You are a full team dedicating 7 years and your lives. I am a man with a computer and no prior knowledge that TA wasn't more real than the tooth fairy. So when I hear 4k in a week, I think, "OK I could maybe manage a quarter of that if I tried". But 1k a week isn't a big enough goal. Can you explain how after years of this you are not compounding way higher numbers? Am I missing something? Can't a successful trader just kind of make more and more due to compounding?

  4. how much leverage you use to get that math so 1.25 works out to be $25 if it hits your stop loss?

  5. Nice strategy, Cryptocurrency can be profitable when the right guidelines are issued. Time to implore this strategy to increase my portfolio on the truly non-custodial atomic wallet.

  6. Nice content. The truth is, money is worthless until you put it to work. Successful people look for business to invest on and make more money.

  7. Show us your PnL and trade history or your just another failed trader selling a crappy course and shilling Bybit links. Basically another scammer

  8. Great info and insight as always. We are at a slow downtrend which the chances of bouncing up off this resistance is much greater than falling lower. Don't sell your Bitcoin or Altcoins because of the Dip. You should take some quantity of what you hod and get an expert to educate you on day trading.. Big thanks to Ryan Donald, for helping me earn 7.05BTC, despite the current circumstances. I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is turning out.

  9. Hello Mrs Clarissa the bitcoin trader is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

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  13. You doing way too much for no reason sorry man but if that’s the way you treat any works for you so good work but that trading style is definitely not for a lot of people especially newbies

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