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how to get the hell out of app with less fees

how to get the hell out of app with less fees

how to get the hell out of app with less fees

how to get the hell out of app with less fees

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Want to start trading then join Bybit the most high volume leverage trading platform (not advisable for beginners) you can get up to 0 dollars in bonus bitcoin after you meet the deposit criteria and trade with bonus only and withdraw the profits

Want to start trading crypto derivatives join Phemex (i recommend expert traders only) you can get dollar bonus bitcoin after you meet the deposit criteria and trade with bonuses only and take profits

Another leverage trading platform DueDex for pro traders dollars sign up bonus if you meet the deposit criteria

Want to earn interest on you bitcoin? Then join blockfi and get with your first deposit of 0 of crypto interest paid in your choice of crypto

Best hardware wallet directly from ledger

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  1. For those of you guys who are confused about what this video is for,

    This video was a request by a friend and they wanted to know how they can exit to other exchanges without paying too much fees, cryptocom the main exchange is great don't get me wrong, but the cryptocom mobile app is pathetic and really expensive, also I would like to notify you I love Cro the coin it makes me money and I am a large holder of the coin itself. Also for those of you guys who are seeing this video for first-time I currently only do livestreams where you can ask me anything hope this helps, and you guys don't comment negatively without understanding the context or without understanding who this video was made for, with livestreams I'm there for the whole world

  2. To grand_hackk4 on Instagram I really want to Appreciate your work mostly your smartness and hard works towards your work I really appreciate that and also thank you so very much for your work for me ,for recovery of my lost money it was really amazing and I was so excited about that and hope you use you to work for as long as we can I really look forward to this long lasting partnership and relationship with you,I will also use this medium to refer you to my friends and co workers and with that you can have a largely built client's and all that is as a result of your good and Hard works . Thank you so very much……..

  3. Bro stop making so much damn noise with your mouth.. learn how to breath and talk. Great knowledge here brother and you explain it great, but for the love of god please edit that shit out

  4. MISLEADING! This video only shows you how to transfer a coin out and NOTHING, absolutely Zilch, zilch, nada, nothing… about how to minimize fees, which the title certainly professes.

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