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How to Earn Bitcoins with My Paying Crypto Ads

How to Earn Bitcoins with My Paying Crypto Ads

How to Earn Bitcoins with My Paying Crypto Ads

MyPayingCryptoAds: Bitcoin Revshare from MyPayingAds Admin
Mypayingcryptoads is newly launched or revamped by the owner – Uday Nara, who is the owner of MPA revenue sharing website – Mypayingds.
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MyPayingCryptoAds is a sister website of Mypayingads based on Cryptocurrency and not on the dollar. This can be a huge opportunity for people who would like to start earning from revshare, why because new rev sharing sites tend to attract more people in short time so as revenue.

Join My Paying Crypto Ads and Start Earning Bitcoin :

Mypayingcryptoads Features Are:
The service of the MyPayingCryptoAds is very similar to My Paying Ads expect the currency which will be mainly used that is ‘Bitcoin’.

Services Offered:
Login Ads, Rotating/Static/PPC Banner Ads, Text Ads, Traffic Exchange Ads, Cash link Ads, Adpacks with revenue sharing rewards

Adpack Details:
The cost of 1 Adpack: 0.05 BTC Daily Earnings: Depends on the revenue generated at the program. Revenue Sharing rewards: Upto 120%

Affiliate Program – Mypayingcryptoads
Referral Commissions (on Ad packs sales): 6% Referral Commissions (on all other services): 10% Referral Commissions Withdrawals: Unlimited Adpack Earnings Withdrawals limit: 1.0 BTC maximum per day Minimum withdrawal per day: 0.01 BTC Rotating Banner Ad Credits per adpack: 25,000 credits

Membership Details:
No Membership: can buy upto 20 adpacks 0.02 BTC/month (Explorer): can buy 20-50 adpacks 0.05 BTC/month (Professional): can buy 50-100 adpacks 0.10 BTC/month (Elite): can buy 100+ adpacks

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