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How to do Pairs Trading with TradingView

How to do Pairs Trading with TradingView

How to do Pairs Trading with TradingView

Learn how to use the pairs trading strategy inside TradingView with the help of the custom indicator, Buy Sell Bands, which you can access here

Pairs trading, also known as market neutral, spread trading, or relative value is when you buy one stock and sell another closely related stock at the same time.

For example a popular pairs trade could be Coca Cola $ KO vs Pepsi $ PEP, since both are very similar beverage businesses their stock prices are highly correlated.

The opportunity arises when one stock goes down and the other stock goes up, to take advantage of this discrepancy, you buy the stock that went down and short the stock that went up, and close the pairs trade when the relationship between the 2 stocks comes back to the average.

In order to identify potential pair trades and to know where to enter and exit, you can use the Buy Sell Bands indicator.

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  1. Hi!! I'm thinking about open trades diretcly from that type of graphs. I mean, in yor case exposed with KO-PEP to go long or short from this relative price graph without going to the individual charts. Is it possible? Thank you

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