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How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Uphold to Local Bank | Bitcoin App Tutorial

How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Uphold to Local Bank | Bitcoin App Tutorial

How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Uphold to Local Bank  | Bitcoin App Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial on how to deposit and withdraw crypto on uphold into your local bank. Uphold is a digital money platform that accept payments in cryptocurrencies and convert them automatically into local currencies. They also allow trading in fiat currencies, gold etc. See video to learn more!

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  1. Thank you!! Finally someone did a easy fun video to do a withdrawal to our bank account. I smashed the like button and subscribed!!

  2. I'm a new biginer from south Africa 🇿🇦I'm looking to learn but I did open and uphold account please help me with putting my cards and also withdrawal to here in South Africa

  3. The worst!! You must be out of your mind to put funds into an institution that has no way to communicate with them unless it's via email. Using myself as an example it's quite obvious what's in store for the future. One day you will need your funds they wont be there to help. I'm having a terrible time communicating with them now and we're not in any kind of distress. A financial institution with no phone number what a joke. FYI there are currently two class action lawsuits against uphold

  4. This episode should have been. How to contact uphold.
    Because that is what I'm having the most trouble with ,having a financial institution that does not provide a contact phone number and can only be contacted via email is the most discouraging thing ever. A financial institution should be prepared for some sense of urgency when it comes to protecting its customers and their money.
    That is not the case at uphold.
    Here you can only contact someone by email then you have to depend on a 24-hour response if the response is not to your liking or outcome and you describe why it probably take another 24 hours to get a response.
    That's 48 hours with nothing done that's exactly the scenario that I'm in right now a financial institution without providing a phone number to contact them is a ridiculous concept.
    They do not have to provide anything but a paragraph.
    And you will wait because you have no choice

  5. Uphold is the worst POS app ever… they can all kiss it directly between my back pants pockets…

  6. I have a question i have uphold app and some coin in there but this time I need to sell my shiba inu this app support Shiba or not please someone knows if is possible ?

  7. You forgot to mention, that once you convert the $$$ to Dollars, or any other currency ,Next step using the 2 step vertification.

    If anyone knows the next step please let me know.

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