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How to buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe using Ecocash

How to buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe using Ecocash

How to buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe using Ecocash

Step by step guide to buying bitcoins in Zimbabwe. Easier than you thought. This video guide shows one of the ways I use to buy bitcoins online. If you are new to bitcoins check out my blog post for bitcoins for newbies. visit it has intro videos that will help you understand bitcoins .

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Please note that spectrocoin is one of the many websites that can be used to buy bitcoins.
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How to buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe
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  3. in your video you deposited $160 into your wallet but it reflected $1.10. does a wallet dollar cost over $100 from ecocash?

  4. Kuda, I realize youuploaded this video last year. Is it still valid? Can we still buy bitcoin using ecocash? Can we still apply for the card from Econet?

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  6. Is this Bond notes or USD that you are loading onto your virtual debit card? Where do you go to load USD if it is USD. Is it Steward Bank?

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