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How To Build A Trading Computer [Complete Guide and Parts List Included]

How To Build A Trading Computer [Complete Guide and Parts List Included]

How To Build A Trading Computer [Complete Guide and Parts List Included]

Building a trading computer is really quite a bit easier than it may seem. In this video I go over the parts I’m using and walk you through how to assemble them into a functioning trading computer. You can absolutely build your own trading computer from easily available parts online. If you want the full breakdown of the parts used in this video and why they were chosen check out the article below.

View the parts list:

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Video for Crypto Trading Computer Setup
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  1. Better off just buying a desktop off amazon. These prices are all insane now. Prebuilt system more power for a lot less. Thanks Inflation Joe. my PC went up almost triple in price from 2 years ago. Its crazy

  2. Hi there I am installing all the PC components, the Quadro P1000 doesn't have any cable to connect right? I am installing now but the manual says to connect the power supply cable? I don't see any in the graphic cards????

  3. Dear Sir, good day to you..can advised if want to use 6 monitors. What specs parts should to prepared? Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I Love it , you mean it only took you 20 minutes to build this from start to finish ? And how long to install Windows ? Now i wanna do it myself too , love to build stuff!

  5. Hello, I have added the price of the following parts: processor, $399, motherboard $135, Ram $145, hard drive $79.99, video card $409, case $112, power supply $134, Windows operation system $147, keyboard + mouse $40. the total I came up with purchasing all the parts from Amazon currently is: $1,601! This does not include monitors, web cam, monitor stands, or battery back up. Which if you added all these, you would be looking at $600 in additional cost ( didn't add the monitor stands to the equation). please explain how you came up with $995.

  6. Hi! Thanks for your video! About the power supply, I only find the Seasonic Focus GX-750, is it still okay with all the rest of these equipements?

  7. Hi. How would you recommended I figure out how to make a cheaper version. I played around on PcpartPicker but I wouldn't know if the parts would work. I'd like something cheaper, I just want to run TC2000 & a probably a brokerage website, then a Trading software.

  8. The fact that people post no thermal paste, and know enough to know that thermal paste is important but don’t see or know about the stock paste on the stock heatsink is hilarious and as awesome as your responses. Love the, “great, thanks for the comment to support my channel even if it’s friggin worthless” attitude on the dumber comments, and I guess this one is now too but whatever. Like the videos. Keep it up and I wish you all Green Day’s

  9. I watched some Arab guy trader and he had 3 LG 32" monitors tilted on thier sides that gave him like 9 monitors, each monitor was divided into 3. but I never figured out which LG monitors he was using. I bought a Asus 32" monitor off newegg for 260 (refurb), but it doesn't have the same look. do you know what monitor would fit best ?

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