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How to ACTUALLY trade stocks for beginners (Etrade buying/selling TUTORIAL)

How to ACTUALLY trade stocks for beginners (Etrade buying/selling TUTORIAL)

How to ACTUALLY trade stocks for beginners (Etrade buying/selling TUTORIAL)

Buying shares of a stock: 7:54
Selling shares of a stock: 10:20

In this video we’ll go over the practical process of buying and selling shares – modest stock trading in the stock market from a beginner’s level. Hopefully if you’re a new investor with questions like “where you you even go to invest and how to you actually trade stocks to make money?” this video will help you get started. I ramble a lot in this video but this is barely scratching the surface compared to how much more there is to learn. I plan on uploading more videos like this in the future going deeper into the practical process of stock market investing and how it all works. Thanks for watching and hope this helped!

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  1. I was a little skeptical when I opened video bc you looked so young but forgive me bc you broke everything down basically and helped me. I like others was overwhelmed with all the other videos.

  2. Yo thanks for keeping it simple perfectly done i feel like i can do it. My friend has been telling me 2 he just made 10g from this in profit then like 4 days later 6 g and his money back thats all profit

  3. @Skill Sanctum When you start selling stock shares do you need to have it all notated for Gain or Loss on Taxes? So whenever tax season comes…how does that part work when buying and selling? I planned on only buying but I might need to sell a few before I lose more $ from them. Thanks for your knowledge and response in advance

  4. A well explained video, quite a number of people who rush to invest in the stock market don't even know the basics of trading. They are only in for the profit that is why they incur heavy losses. I highly recommend CONS. Edwin Earl.

  5. You hide your account value, but did not bother to adjust your Day's Gain with %… you can just calculate it…

  6. After watching your video youth man, it made me a little more comfortable to start investing in E*Trade. I will definitely come back to check some more videos from you.

  7. Im super new here, no experience at all, but I want to invest, maybe this a dumb question but how much do I need for start ?

  8. It’s not about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies, I was ignorant doing so… so I decided to try Mr Greg Jordan and ever since then he has made me $14,000 for on every $5,000 I invested just in 2weeks

  9. If i choose "good for day" on buying a stock, does this mean that stock is no longer in my e-trade account, that it is essentially cleared out and I need to do the stocks again, or does it just rolll over to the next day? Also, I just tried to add more money to my e-trade account and it said, because I am, a new investor I have to wait 60 days before i can transfer money into my e-trade account. Why does it do this? This keeps me from being able to do any trades, correct? thanks

  10. Sorry to ask such a dumb questions, I have never ever dealt with stocks, but want extra retirement income. Do I make my money from a stock after I sell it, and sell it at a higher price than I bought it correct? Also, can you show a video on how to transfer the money made from a sale back to my bank account. Thanks so much young man, you have quiet a bright future ahead of you. God Bless

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