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How Much I make Each Day Farming CHIA XCH

How Much I make Each Day Farming CHIA XCH

How Much I make Each Day Farming CHIA XCH

I’m on XCHPOOL farming and making money each day. Watch to learn how many plots I’m farming.

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  1. I've decided to sell all my hard drives and invest that money in something else. At this price it's simply not worth it at all. It doesn't even cover the electricity.

  2. Bro did you watched the price of Chives (XCH fork) making numbers its more profitable than XCH for now with his actual network size you only need 30 TB to get the daily block.

  3. Hi Mr poor, I am on xchpool from the first day…I am happy with that. I also get 4 payouts each day, xchpool changed one time 1day payout to 4 a day. I think that’s for everyone the same.

    At the moment I am running 32 Chia Forks and Chia it self of cause 🤝.

    When you will be live on YouTube again… I really enjoy your content man, specially live!!👌

    (changed my YouTube name from Sam to Gyp, just to know, if you noticed me in the chat)

    See you soon at an livestraem hopefully, enjoy your Chiajourney🤙

  4. Similar size setup, I have 2443 plots. Payout set to 0.1 on space pool and get paid out appx every 48 hours. So appx 1.5 chia per month.

  5. I have some plots made (during testing and experimenting) that were not assigned to a pool or self pool, can they be assigned to a pool they seem to be farming ok in farming view ?

  6. when would you suggest going solo is the better option ? 1PB, 2PB, 3PB ? or staying on pool is best option ?

  7. Nice stuff! Only have over 9TB here but have been mining since the summer when i started watching you on my other channel 🙂

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