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How I make $500 a day day trading

How I make 0 a day day trading

How I make 0 a day day trading

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Disclaimer: The information in this video is for educational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be considered as financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the speaker’s opinion who is not a financial advisor or investment advisor. Investing and trading cryptocurrencies pose the risk of loss. Always do your own research before investing.

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  1. Lol this is the bullshitest thing I’ve ever seen first of all trading isn’t that easy trust don’t try to earn fast money

  2. I been using trafing view and im new. But i buy on kucoin as binance wont let me set up an account. Am i able to buy/sell on trfing view? Looks so much easier

  3. Tell the truth! If it was that easy, no one would be broke!
    Just for views??? Thumbs down for the f-ing lies

  4. Smiles 😊😊 all over faces as I received about 4.7btc profit from Mr. Joshua Fedrick last week. Friends now rushing for his contact. Lol?

  5. 🅲🅷🅰️🆃 🅼🆁. 🅹🅾️🆂🅷🆄🅰️ ❶❼❼❺❾❽❻❹⓿❾❻

  6. I'm really happy 😇for you mate. Mrs Joahua is such an amazing trader. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one enjoying her professionalism

  7. I have never heard
    or seen any of Mr. Joshua's clients complain of lost … I think he's just too perfect I was being skeptical about the whole process but later gave it a try and it was of no regret , invested in a big way My weekly earnings from he's trading strategies are kind of blowing 🔥 .

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