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How I Beat Binance KYC

How I Beat Binance KYC

How I Beat Binance KYC

You can no longer bypass Binance KYC with a VPN, you will need a verified account. If you’re willing to spend a little money and effort you can get a Binance KYC approved account by going through the verification process by getting residency in another country or setting up a corporation in another country.

There’s also a much easier method and that’s using Pionex.

00:00 How to bypass Binance KYC
01:25 Why is Binance forcing KYC
02:39 Getting Residency in another country
04:59 Setting up a corporation in another country
06:09 Trading the exact same coins from Binance on Pionex

Pionex Tutorial:

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  1. Do you guys know if there is a way to move my fiat (eur) to btc without kyc?
    i can than move the btc to another wallet.
    Thinking of stopping with binance.

  2. This is a smart approach to "bypass" KYC… its 100% legit, your binance cryptos can not be subjected being "suspicious" for false documents since all documents are legit. Taiwan is expensive in my opinion to start a business as a foreigner, $5,000 is a lot, but seems like you're getting a lot of "features" like 3 year Taiwan visa (residency) and also a valid Taiwanese company. I'm sure there are countries with cheaper fees to do the same task with same features.

  3. Now that you have successfully done your KYC, do you still have to use VPN, while using your binance account from USA

  4. Please, what about citizens of other countries living in America, can they register and very with their country of origin id and use the the binance account in America, or they still have to use VPN after going through the KYC

  5. I am in the process of getting my portuguese passport, (I'm from US)
    Will they still allow binace futures in a couple of months for Portugal?

  6. Boy, that’s asking a lot just to get around the kyc for I would imagine pretty much everyone ……but if you can jump through the hoops more power to ya……

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