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HODL VS Day Trading Bitcoin [Crypto Trading Strategies]

HODL VS Day Trading Bitcoin [Crypto Trading Strategies]

HODL VS Day Trading Bitcoin [Crypto Trading Strategies]

In this video, we look at both sides of the idea. HODL vs Day trading Bitcoin. I go over my exact strategy and thoughts when it comes to this subject. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to fully commit to 1 side or the other. That is far from the right move for most.

⏰Time stamps⏰

Welcome: 00:00
Things To Note: 01:30
HODLing: 02:25
Questions To Ask Yourself: 03:35
Why HODL?: 05:25
Trading?: 06:05
Rules Of Trading: 07:30
Why Trade?: 09:00
What Should You DO?: 10:09
What I do: 10:34
Bottom Line: 12:40

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Video for Crypto Trading Vs Holding
Crypto Trading Vs Holding youtube video content


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