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Guide to Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading πŸ‘Š

Guide to Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading πŸ‘Š

Guide to Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading πŸ‘Š

Guide to Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading
β˜… Where to Trade FX or Cryptos?
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A guide to transitioning into FX from Crypto trading. What are the differences between Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading. Cryptocurrency Trading vs Forex Trading. Which one is better? Forex or Crypto currency trading?

Suppose you’ve been trading cryptos successfully and you want to get into forex trading, what do you need to know?
Forex Trading vs Cryptocurrency Trading: A Few Things to Note

1) Think two-way; look at the market as a two-way. You have long, you have short. The difference with this in cryptos or Bitcoin is that it was one market which could go up or down.
2) Pick 3 Pairs. You made money in cryptos because you specialised in a couple of deals – maybe you bought some bitcoin or altcoin and they went up. USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY are all good pairs with tight spreads.
3) Put together a plan. With cryptos your plan was perhaps to buy on pullbacks expecting another move higher.
4) Stick with momentum strategies. You were using a momentum strategy to it is probably a good idea to stick to momentum. Identify momentum and try to buy pullbacks on momentum. Once you’ve mastered momentum you could look into other strategies like mean reversion.
5) Don’t risk all your crypto gains. Where are you going to get out if it doesn’t work for you?

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Guide to Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading πŸ‘Š

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  2. What are the minimum requirements for Forex? seems a lot of regulation asking about income/networth/etc

    In crypto, you dont even need to enter your name to start trading <3

  3. MATE. i did it the other way trying to recovery from Crpyto losses and… finally stoped lossing money…. only way is upnow

  4. This is relevant to me. I started out with crypto, found one of your videos and became fascinated with Forex. These videos are informative AND addictive!

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