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Grid Bot [Part 3] – Python CCXT Backend Tutorial

Grid Bot [Part 3] – Python CCXT Backend Tutorial

Grid Bot [Part 3] - Python CCXT Backend Tutorial

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In this video, we build a grid bot using Python and CCXT.

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  1. I'm stuck at the for buy_order in buy_orders: part. I can't use order = exchange.fetch_orders because Gate & Kucoin do not support it. I can use order = exchange.fetch_closed_orders and followed by print(order) it does print all orders just like it does for him at 23:10. However, when i try to use order['status'] or order['id'] it always ends with 'TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str'. Any idea why?

  2. Python is nice .. I wonder , did you ever look into sierra chart for data , they have very nice platform and data feed for an afordable price.

  3. Hi Larry, Print(ticker) not getting any data, what could be the issue, pls advice (ticker = exchange.fetch_ticker(config.SYMBOL)

  4. Hi Larry, thank for ypu perfomance. It's great. Do you know about Long short-term memory, how could it predict future 5 hours price?

  5. Hi, is it possbile to create a video on trading gridbot with binance or any other demo API where learners/creators dont need to deposit before testing their bots. As an student I don't have the ability to deposit yet but I want to learn these techniques for future career and other endeavours. Thanks. 🙂

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