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Gravitas: Will India ban Bitcoin?

Gravitas: Will India ban Bitcoin?

Gravitas: Will India ban Bitcoin?

A new bill to regulate cryptocurrencies in India could completely ban investment in digital currencies like bitcoin. Will India launch its own cryptocurrency?

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  7. They’re probably profiting by shorting Bitcoin, then they’ll long and give some good news. Why so much news when they know it can’t be banned? Why so much news on something they’re thinking about doing? FUD manipulation

  8. The Bitcoin ban will not last since it will cause extreme poverty in India, once Bitcoin is worth over a million dollars the loss for India will be so huge it will cause a government change and the creators of the ban may even fail jail time

  9. Actually bit suprised ..Bjp has done the right move . .Congrats to it. .Actually remember all top countries like china ,japan germany have not banned bitcoin .. Instead they let their countries move ahead with bitcoin tag.. with crypto tag. .thats what india has to do. .Best of luck..
    But logically it will be hard for bjp not to ban crypto cause there will be huge population .of fools and fakers who will ask this thign to be banned. . Uneducated crowd also high so long term i think it can be banned..
    It is the financial infrastructure.lieteracy and smartness of people . that is the issue .. the roots are not strong .. etc..
    Any way lets hope for the best..

  10. Bit coin is not banned now ..Good news .. Remember only foolish and countries who love to be poor will ban crypto. .

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