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Exposing JRNY Crypto’s $41,000,000 NFT Collection

Exposing JRNY Crypto’s ,000,000 NFT Collection

Exposing JRNY Crypto’s ,000,000 NFT Collection

Journey Crypto (JRNY CRYPTO) has amassed a 41 million dollar NFT collection! He’s also known as Tony Spark and has grown his YouTube channel to 665 thousand subscribers! He has built an extraordinarily vast NFT collection with over 3,000 NFTs and over 100 Bored apes!

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  1. It’s a huge difference between something having an appraisal of $41M and someone actually paying the same price for it.

  2. Hey bro got a question, if i need to transfer NFT from metamask acc to my ledger that i connect to metamask (as example ledger 1), do i need to connect that ledger acc to OpenSea? Just dont want to connect some sites and OS too to hardware wallet. And one more q, what more safely to but NFT through OpenSea wallet connection to my LedgerLive with ledger or buy it with my metamask acc then transfer it to the ledger

  3. You didn't talked about his JRNY Club Passes, probably one of the biggest projects on the market.

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